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2020 Season Update

Thanks for your interest in the Stingrays!   We are excited to announce that we will be operating this season!

We have been working behind the scenes to attempt to safely bring some sort of "season" to our swimmers. As you know, we are operating in changing and complex conditions. In addition, we are working within the guidelines set by our CDD Supervisors and their legal council, all of whom have been very supportive allowing the Stingrays to operate during these unprecedented times. 

Before you commit, please review a few important notes about this season:

  1. Enrollment will be restricted to allow us to operate within capacity limits and CDD guidelines. As such, this season will be available ONLY to residents of SJGCC. Team capacity is also limited to 90 swimmers.
  2. There is a strict minimum participation age of 7 (as of June 1, 2020) for this season.
  3. If your swimmer cannot swim under their own power across one length of the pool, they may not participate this year.
  4. The season will run from June 15 through July 31.
  5. Cost will be $100 per swimmer. This is to cover the bare bare minimum to operate (coaches fees, insurance, etc). No team swimsuits will be required. Please note that appropriate equipment is still required (see equipment requirements)
  6. Practices will take place between 7am and 10am in three 50-minute sessions Tuesdays-Friday. Depending on enrollment by age, we may need to re-balance swimmers to ensure we can remain under the capacity limits for any given practice session. Therefore, we cannot guarantee your practice time beforehand.
  7. At this time, no traditional "meets" are allowed. However, we will try to conduct virtual meets on some Fridays during our practice hours. Parents will not be required to volunteer so as to help keep the pool deck clear. Times will count toward official Stingrays records!
  8. All team meetings/events will be virtual. We will be creative and flexible! Please help us by offering your suggestions

Thank you for support and understanding as we figure this out together.

Go Stingrays!

Required Equipment (2020 Season)

Although this will be a non-traditional season, the following equipment is reqiured:

  • Appropriate swim suit (girls, one-piece)
  • swim cap (required for ALL swimmers),
  • goggles
  • fins
  • kickboard
  • REUSABLE water bottle with swimmer name.
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St Johns Stingrays

The St Johns Stingrays are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of swimming, enhancing the community experience, and creating a fun, developmental, and inclusive environment for the children in our community. We aim to create a FUN experience for novice and experienced swimmers alike.

We are part of the St Johns Summer Swim League and are open to children ages 4-18. While we primarily serve the residents of SJGCC, we do allow limited non-resident participation (See Non-resident info below in the page)

Who We Are:

We live among you. We are your fellow parents, neighbors, and SJGCC residents. We do this on a 100% voluntary basis because we love the neighborhood, our team mission, and our kids. We are governed by the (also volunteer-based) St Johns Summer Swim League. We operate independently, but with support from the Sampson Creek CDD as well as 7 other supportive CDDs.

Why should my child join the Stingrays?

Because we're awesome. But if you need more.....The Stingrays were founded in 2002 and in that time we’ve seen hundreds of swimmers who’ve found a passion for swimming. Your children will become a more proficient swimmers, remain active during the summer break, and enjoy being on a team while also competing against themselves to improve each week. If you're already a swimmer, this is a great way to keep in shape and competitive! You’ll have a great time with your neighbors and develop new friendships. Join us!

Please see https://sjstingrays.swimtopia.com/links for more information.

What is the cost to join the team?

$200 First Swimmer, $185 Second Swimmer, $170 Third Swimmer, with a family maximum of $555.00. Price includes team shirt and swim cap. Please note that there are additional equipment requirements not included in the registration price.

Please review details on the website.

For non-residents of SJGCC, there will be an additional fee of $50 per swimmer up to $100 max per family. This fee is collected at registration.

Go Stingrays

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High School Students - Get credit for helping us out!

Get credit that may for qualify toward Bright Futures Scholarship requirements!

We will provide all documentation necessary.

Volunteer Coaches/Assistants - Work with Head and Assistant Coaches to run daily practices. (up to 15 hours per week, schedule dependent)

Doughnut Fridays - Pick up and distribute doughnuts to hungry swimmers during Friday Practices! (4 hours per week)

Meet Cleanup - Help us clean up after meets.  Must be able to carry bulky/heavy items such as speakers, chairs, etc. (up to 2 hours per week, on home meet weeks)

Concessions: Setup and sell drinks and snacks at home meets. (up to 4 hours per week, on home meet weeks)

General Help:  Sit back and watch while your HS student works your meet commitments (ready bench, timer, etc!)  Sign up in Meets/Calendar.  We will credit time for all hours worked.

Please contact us to inquire/volunteer for any of the above positions.

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Recent News

Modified Season Proposal and Interest Survey

Hello Stingray Family!

It has been a trying couple of months, and we hope this email finds you well. 

Although our regular season was canceled, we have been continuing to work to see if there is some form of a "season" we can bring to you while adhering to current…

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Non-resident Information

The Stingrays primarily serve the residents of SJGCC and they are granted priority on the team.  Applications for non-residents will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis when registration begins March 1. There will be an additional $50 fee for a non-resident swimmer (up to $100 total per family). Please note that this fee entitles your swimmers to pool access ONLY to Stingray-sponsored events.

Your registration does not guarantee a spot on the team as SJGCC residents will be given priority. We will communicate your status by March 31.

This is subject to participation limits by age group and is at the sole discretion of the team. Refunds will be provided in the event that we are not able to accommodate you on the team.

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Contact Stingrays and Like us on Facebook

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